Large Volume Sorting Conveyors: Pick and Pack Made Fast and Easy

You’ve got thousands of individual products coming off the line or stored in the warehouse. It’s time to pack them all up in different boxes and ship them off to your customers. What’s the best way to prepare them for shipment? Basically, you have three choices: 1) set up a pack line with workers to load each box by hand, 2) buy an expensive robotic system to mechanize the system, or 3) use automated large volume sorting conveyers from Eaglestone. You picked number 3? Good choice.

Simple, Economical and Efficient
Chances are your packing volume ebbs and flows. Having workers standing by is impractical. Pulling them off of other projects to pack boxes on as “as needed” basis can slow down production in other areas of the plant. Fatigue and boredom can also cause packing errors. Robots don’t get tired, but they do have to be programmed and maintained on a routine basis by highly trained professionals. Not to mention the hefty initial capital expenditure. The overall expense of robotics may not be worth the ROI. Automated large volume sorting conveyors provide a less complex, cost-effective solution that still gets the job done fast.

Pick & Pack 101
Sorting conveyors are used to push or divert specific products from one conveyor line to specific totes or boxes. This is accomplished in a number of different ways, and each is unique to the product, speed and path that the product is required to travel.

Custom Made to Your Needs
The trick is finding the perfect system to sort your unique set of products while fitting in the space you have available. We have highly trained and experienced designers and engineers to help put together the perfect automated sorting conveyor for any special requirements.

Our conveyors can be engineered to handle high and low volumes as well as any size packages using a variety of sorting system variations, such as shoe, cross-belt, pop-wheel, roller and slat. They can easily sort both mixed and single product production batches. Automated, electrical or pneumatic operation are all available.

How They Work
As products come down the conveyor, Eyesafe® infrared scanners identify barcodes or QR codes on the package. The product continues down to a series of adjustable speed arms, which push or divert the package into the designated box assigned by the barcode.

Bright LEDs indicate when a container is full and ready to be replaced. In those instances, the product automatically diverts to an unfilled box. The entire operation requires only one operator. Watch one of our large sorting conveyors in action.

System Grows with You
Our automated sorting conveyors are modular, so you can start small and extend the system based on the growth of your business. We can even group a series of conveyors that can divert product to another system running below, allow products to be packaged on different lines for additional processing or in a different container.

Whatever the configuration, this large volume sorting system will provide years of efficient operation, with low maintenance and operating costs. If you would like to upgrade your sorting system and improve efficiency for your distribution operations, please contact us.

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