Metal Detector Conveyors

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Seamlessly safe detection

When you need to maintain the highest quality control on your production line, our Metal Detector Conveyors keep your products free of unwanted materials. To detect accurately every time, we offer varied sensitivities to handle any food processing and packaging need. We can work with a metal detecting head from a manufacturer of your choice, or can specify the right head for your individual applications and needs.

Our Metal Detector Conveyors are made specifically for food-safe applications. They are designed to meet USDA standards, and are wash down compatible.

Our engineers and designers can integrate our metal detectors seamlessly with your existing lines. Each detector is custom fit with your choice of belt, including modular plastic, fabric, or urethane. Eaglestone’s unique UHMW slider beds are provided to reduce belt wear, increase productivity, and decrease down time. Many reject options are available including retracting end, push arm, slide gate, air blast, belt stop and alarm (audible and visual), and lockable reject bins.

  • Key Features:
  • Varied sensitivities to handle any processing need
  • Ferrous, non-ferrous, and stainless metal detection available
  • Belt stops, pneumatic retracting belt, pushing systems and alarms available for goods rejection
  • Non-enclosed bolts and easy clean rollers for safety

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