Why Choose Eaglestone


As with any industry, you have choices when it comes to choosing who will provide you with the solutions you need. And, how will they provide those solutions. What services do they provide? How does the value to cost compare? How do they support their products? Can they provide custom solutions or is everything stock? These questions are some of the many concerns businesses face when seeking out new original equipment manufacturers and their services. Eaglestone Equipment is proud to be an industry leading processing and packaging service provider for over 20 years. Find out more about or unique services and core company values that have made us a leader in our field.

Our experience in the industry coupled with our passion for providing you the highest quality of product gives you industry leading value to cost benefits, saving you money. Our conveyors are built on a modular technology that allows custom size manipulation. This allows our machines to be custom fitted to changing production needs in the line, whether they need to grow or shrink in size. Our many patented designs ensure greater worker safety while improving product longevity. Our focus on sanitation gave rise to several features that will not only help reduce the accumulation of food borne bacteria in machines as well as greatly improve down time for constant sanitation purposes. These features and many more are apparent on every product of Eaglestone Equipment, enabling us to build the equipment that grows with your business.

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