CleanLockers™ Solve an Often-Overlooked Sanitation Problem

Having spent over 20 years manufacturing equipment for the food processing industry, we’ve been inside a lot of facilities. What did many of them have in common? Locker rooms at risk for sanitation issues.

While manufacturers usually maintain their focus on keeping their main processing area clean, they tend to forget that locker rooms need the same attention to detail. Industries such as food processing that use general-purpose lockers can often end up with problems caused by chipped paint, rust and a general lack of cleanliness.

To solve this issue, we developed CleanLockers™.

Why It’s Better
Designed by our experts in food production, CleanLockers feature a galvanized steel construction that eliminates issues with rust and chipping paint. We use a ventilated design that allows water to flow in and out of doorways and frames easily for quick wash downs. It also lets air move through the separate storage areas, increasing the rate at which water evaporates and minimizing humid, musty conditions.

During the galvanization process, a protective zinc coating is applied to the steel, acting as a barrier against liquids, scratches or other potential damage to the metal’s surface. Perfect for use in the food industry, this treatment keeps metal in like-new condition for much longer than untreated, enameled or powder-treated steel products. Our lockers are durable enough to endure thousands of high-pressure washes and stay strong for years.

Eaglestone CleanLockers are available in standard sizes and configurations and are ideal for food, medical, law enforcement and manufacturing facilities.

If you would like more information about the perfect combination of utility, washability and long-term value in your employee changing areas, please contact us.

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