Introducing the 1150 Series Constant Turn Fabric Belt Conveyor

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Maintaining product orientation throughout a convey line can be very important to the overall function and efficiently—especially through turns. That’s why our engineers are proud to have designed the conveying marvel that handles corners like a pro.

Productivity Takes a Turn for the Better

Our team designed the 1150 Series Constant Turn Fabric Belt Conveyor specifically to eliminate the problem of product bunching up on the inside radius of a typical side-flexing belt. Eliminating reliance on people to manually align product means they can dedicate their time to higher-value tasks while your product speeds through the curves without needing extra attention.

The Reassurance of Accu-Task

To make sure this Constant Turn Fabric Belt Conveyor earns its “constant turn” title, we’ve installed the Accu-Track belt drive system that keeps the conveyor’s food grade belt in place to continually move products at a sustained rate while maintaining product row alignment throughout the turn.

Tight Transfers, Smooth Transitions

And then there are the transfers. What happens when smaller packages, like cookies and bars, need to be moved easily and without compromise? The conveyor’s unique design includes small diameter rollers that allow for tight transfers. And the tight nose bar transfer allows for a seamless flow from one piece of equipment to the next. The constant turn conveyor is ideal for tight spaces and comes in a wide range of belt widths and inside radii to fit most layout requirements.

Designed for Efficiency

Other key elements that make the Constant Turn Fabric Belt Conveyor special and extremely efficient: its cantilevered frame design allows fast belt changes, and the tool-less drip pan allows for easy removal and quick cleaning. If you’d like to see the constant turn conveyor in action, take a look here.

We Put Our Reputation on Your Line

Of course, curves and turns are only part of your conveyor system concerns and questions. We’d be happy to discuss whatever’s on your mind regarding upping your company’s efficiencies regarding production, fabrication, integration and sanitation. We have over 30 years of real-world experience and, admittedly, a bit of unbridled passion when it comes to all things conveyor. We can customize a solution to solve for whatever it is your operation needs. Reach out and let’s discuss how Eaglestone Equipment can help you deliver on your demands.

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