Flip Clean Conveyors

quality control flip clean conveyorQuick clean position of conveyor

The flip side of sanitation

Sanitation is key for quality manufacturing of raw food products. Our state-of-the-art Flip Clean Conveyor is designed for efficient and thorough cleaning of the conveyor belt, which can be difficult to achieve with most standard conveyors. This tool-less design offers a variety of sanitation elements including belt rails for easy removal and cleaning, crevice-less bearings and belt wheels to eliminate bacteria buildup points, and an open frame to enable easy sanitation and maintenance under the belt.

The Flip Clean’s construction allows workers to safely and easily remove the belt from the conveyor in order to properly clean the entire belt, leaving it sanitized and ready for use. This design helps save time in the cleaning process as well as reassembly.

  • Key Features:
  • Tool-less belt removal for easy cleanup
  • Fully-welded food grade seams for less bacteria buildup
  • Solid urethane belt for cleanliness
  • Durable for extreme wash down
  • Optional cantilever designed frame

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