Conveying Excellence: 5 Ways Eaglestone Does Food Conveyors Better

At Eaglestone, we have a simple goal: to be the last food conveyor partner you’ll ever need. And while it may be simple, it’s also ambitious. To ensure we deliver that promise to each of our customers, we’ve learned to do things a little better over the years. It all works together to simplify your day-to-day operations and help your business grow.

Ultimately, we know you have choices when choosing who to work with. We work hard to be the best conveyor partner for you with generous expertise, a healthy value-to-cost ratio and reliable support well after the installation—as well as a handful of additional differentiators.

Some of these you might be able to find elsewhere. But we would wager that no other food conveyor partner can give you all five of these aspects as consistently as we’re able to.


The FARO scanner

This detailed 3D scanner is a massive difference-maker—one that lets you literally see the future of your conveyor system and facility. We put it on your floor, and in a matter of hours, we have a to-the-inch floor plan we can trust. We found in the past that as-drawn floor plans might have been off by a couple inches here or there when it was time to build.

Put simply, the FARO scanner captures every inch of your existing piping, machinery and building. It then generates a 3D CAD model and drops in the renderings of your future conveyor system. We’ve been using it for years, and we still geek out over it. We probably always will.

Since we put the scanner into use, it’s been a consistent eye-opener. No more tape measures. No more hoping that existing floor plans are accurate. The FARO brings peace of mind that saves time and stress down the road.


Eaglestone culture

You’ll find a unique combination within Eaglestone: a group of people with approachable personalities who also happen to have an insatiable drive for designing the ideal conveyor for your application.

We’ll always have our close-knit family origin story, and much of that story is still tangible today. But alongside it is the sense that Eaglestone is a proactive, fast-growing company. We use both of these parts of ourselves to deliver a superior experience to our customers.


Incomparable design

It happens all the time: a customer calls us up and says they have a building, and they have a product. They know they need a conveyor to keep things moving, but they don’t know what exactly will fit.

This situation, full of endless possibilities at the start, is one of the things we love most about the job. Because when the design, build and install are complete, the customer has a food conveyor solution with maximized reliability and efficiency.

From our modular technology and custom sizing to our patented, safety-first designs to an unrelenting focus on sanitation, every product we make at Eaglestone is built to grow with your business. We design from the ground up, providing fully custom solutions that fit your exact needs.


We’re the same as we’ve always been

Some things never change. At the start of this story, we mentioned our goal to be the last conveyor partner you’ll need. To accomplish this simple yet ambitious goal, every aspect of the conveyor process is done in-house: design, fabrication, construction, testing, installation and ongoing support.

That’s how it’s always been, and it’s how it will always be. It gives us full control over a project, and it lets us deliver end results that stand the test of time.


We’re always evolving and growing

We recently moved from a multi-facility model to a single location in Naperville, Illinois, and the benefits immediately revealed themselves. Having everyone under the same roof has brought time savings and given our capabilities the space they need to stretch and really test what can be done.

With this new building, we’re filling the square footage with the people, equipment and processes that combine to deliver food conveyors that accomplish the dream: being so steady for so long that you’re freed up to focus on other things.

If you need a food conveyor partner that guides you down the line like no one else, your end goal is a simple one too: talk to Eaglestone. We’re excited to find the perfect conveyor system for your business, your facility and your product mix.


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