Introducing Eaglestone’s Series 3130 Flex-Scraper

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Eaglestone’s Flex-Scraper (Sanitary Food Grade Belt Scraper) is the key to a clean belt and sanitary processing line. Not only will you get the job done quicker, the process will be more efficient and sanitary the whole way through. Our engineers are proud to reveal the latest in Eaglestone innovation—the Flex-Scraper with a unique design to conform to your pulley for thorough cleaning.

The Future of Cleanability Is Here

Built with adjustable spring tension, the Flex-Scraper allows for varied aggressiveness to ensure the contour of both smooth fabric and modular plastic belts are fully covered. The scraping pressure is adjusted depending on the product, belt or application. Other design features include:

  • Flexible UHMW blade
  • Robust stainless frame
  • Variety of mounting positions

With the Flex-Scraper, you’ll achieve a clean scrape within minutes—no mechanic or tools required!

Customize Your Go-To Equipment

The Flex-Scraper is designed with limited crevices, tool-free dis/reassembly, and food-grade materials. Available in standard lengths of 6” increments or non-standard dimensions, Eaglestone offers customization options that provide your plant with the perfect solution. Our universal mounting kit also allows the belt to be mounted to a wide variety of conveyor frame designs. With custom catch pans and electropolished housings available upon request, your system will be equipped with everything you need for the job at hand.

Pure Sanitation Innovation

The Flex-Scraper is more than a tool that can clean your belt faster. It’s the future of cleanability in food production, designed with the flexibility you need to get the job done right the first time around. This seamless solution works effectively on both smooth belts as well as plastic modular belts.

Our Solutions Do the Dirty Work

From our team to our equipment solutions, you’re guaranteed to be covered at every turn. Our sales engineers have extensive training in integrating the Flex-Scraper into any new conveyor or existing systems. Looking to make your sanitation standards impeccable? We’d be happy to discuss the possibilities at your convenience. Reach out and let’s talk about how Eaglestone Equipment can help you meet today’s rigorous sanitation standards with ease.

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