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Today’s food equipment industry is powered by some of the most unique solutions we’ve seen to date—and new innovative technology emerges constantly. With forward-thinking products and capabilities that include TrackIQ, sanitation and 3D Laser Assurance, Eaglestone Equipment has the smart supplies and strategies to take your production to the next level. Over thirty successful years in the industry and a 5-star business rating on Google have helped put Eaglestone on the map when it comes to service and innovation.

The Eaglestone Difference: Innovating with Purpose

To us, innovation is much more than a buzzword. It’s how we go beyond the expected to provide our customers with solutions that work. Whether it’s a new production line or the expansion of an existing one, Eaglestone Equipment offers personalized service that helps you get the job done right the first time around.

How do we achieve great service and innovation without compromise? Eaglestone Equipment always personalizes your experience with us, and there are various ways we give our customers the professional service they deserve. Check out our latest innovative technology that can set your brand apart from your competitors:

On the Mark with 3D Laser Assurance

Say hello to technological advancement that our competitors can’t match. With our 3D Laser Assurance offering, we’re able to scan spaces and facilities to ensure every spec and corner is accounted for. This thorough scan to design equipment allows for a perfectly fitting line while also providing solutions for ultimate safety to help you utilize the space you have in the best way possible.

At Eaglestone, we’re always searching for additional digital transformation opportunities. Our integration partners truly appreciate the precision of this remarkable machine because it allows for better integration and provides the assurance you need to get the job done successfully. Discover what sets Eaglestone Equipment apart in our recent blog here. 

Taking Care with Cleanability 

With a wide variety of conveyor solutions, Eaglestone proudly offers completely customizable options that are designed to meet your specific needs. Our team can help you determine a fit that provides optimal sanitation, performance and durability to help you achieve high standards within your plant. 

From our various side guide design options to wear strips and return rollers, Eaglestone has the reliable equipment to help you meet the toughest hygienic and safety requirements in the industry. Having recently qualified for IBIE’s BEST in Baking award in the sanitation category, we’ve proven that designing efficient and clean equipment is of paramount importance to Eaglestone, and better yet, our designs have been recognized throughout the industry. Find more ways you can promote sanitary conditions in your facility with Eaglestone’s customizable conveyor solutions here. 

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Don’t Skip a Beat with TrackIQ

Streamlined operations take the weight off your team by automatically sorting by color, size, weight or bar code instead of doing it by hand. Nearly any item—no matter the shape—can be sorted in the TrackIQ Sorting Conveyor™.

Custom-built in the USA, this technology helps take the pressure off of small or large businesses that need an extra hand. Additionally, with faster processing and zero wasted labor, this incredible machine promotes productivity and is available in custom sizes and options. 


Why Eaglestone?

At Eaglestone, our customers rely on us to deliver successful service on time and on budget. And while we utilize phenomenal technology to support us in doing what we do, our team of professionals recognizes your needs and helps you optimize your production. This highly experienced application team is what differentiates us from competitors. 

Our team members are quick to jump in on complex projects and are always happy to help you find options that align with your business goals and objectives in a timely manner. We’re also experts in integration. From creating new facility equipment layouts to upgrading lines, our team at Eaglestone is committed to delivering integrative solutions that provide visible results and ensures projects are completed smoothly. 

With personalized recommendations coming from the heart, you know you’re receiving all your options upfront. Talk with one of our consultants to get started today. 



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