PL Series Modular Conveyors

PL series modular conveyors

PL series modular conveyors component

Modular-Conveyor Set

The interchangeable conveyor solution

The Eaglestone PL Series Modular Conveyors allows you to add or subtract pieces to create just the right line for your ever-changing business. The PL Series features a unique side frame design for increased strength and cleanliness, and is available in a wide range of configurations including incline, decline, horizontal, and turning.

Our PL Series Modular Conveyors can be used for building a temporary production line for a pilot product run or to reduce overhead for manufacturing. This design can also save time for businesses, both in replacement and installation as well as in long-term sanitation maintenance. At Eaglestone, we know that your business never stays static, and your line shouldn’t either.

  • Key Features

  • Modular design for greatest flexibility
  • Crevice-less bearings for optimal sanitation
  • Integrated power transfer bar for tight transfers
  • Exclusive side guide design for increased strength and cleanliness
  • Configurations include decline, incline, horizontal, and turning

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