Precise Measurement: Eaglestone Delivers the Tightest Tolerances

arm_headarm_headA tiny part that deviates from spec can decrease production, cause massive repair expenses or even destroy an expensive piece of machinery. Engineers build dimensional exactness into each part for a reason – to extract the maximum efficiency out of every component in a device. That’s why you depend on us to deliver conveyors and other equipment with machined parts that fit right and work right, with tolerances calibrated in microns.

We have always believed in investing in tools that help us provide the best results for you. For a higher level of performance in measurement tools, we use the new ROMER Absolute Arm measuring arm from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence combined with PolyWorks | Inspector™ 3D software.

romer-6-axis-absolute-armThis portable CMM arm features acoustic (sound) or sensory (vibrational) feedback that enables accurate measurements to be taken even when working in exceptionally loud shop environments. It portability makes it easy to use anywhere, requiring no special tools or recalibration after probe changes, while ultimately providing faster turnarounds for our customers.

The Hexagon arms work perfectly in conjunction with the 3D software. Together, they help us control tool or part dimensions, diagnose and prevent manufacturing and assembly issues, guide assembly building through real-time measurements, and oversee the quality of assembled products.

For example, we can take measurements from our machined parts and compare them to a 3D CAD file, measuring for variances and confirming part quality/consistency that matches the specs. These measuring tools make the quality control process fast, consistent and reliable, giving us additional confidence in each inspection.

Whether we are putting together a food conveyor system or working on a custom fabrication job, use of the finest measuring tools is another way to ensure that we provide you with high quality products that will meet your specs and work the way you expect, each and every time.


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