See How TrackIQ Can Help You Work Smarter

The Eaglestone TrackIQ conveyor system offers an unrivaled level of efficiency for your workplace. With the power to automatically sort products by color, size, weight or bar code, the TrackIQ eliminates the need to sort or load boxes by hand.

The TrackIQ has revolutionized the way people like Jason Kutz, Sr. Engineering Manager of York, Pennsylvania’s Assurant, Inc., sort millions of products at a speed and volume not previously possible. In turn, Jason’s company has saved exponential amounts of time, energy and money, while having more opportunities to take on additional business and build on pre-existing business.

From the food industry to the world of co-packing, logistics and beyond, Eaglestone’s innovative conveyor systems — like the TrackIQ — bring unrivaled speed, accuracy and adaptability to a wide variety of successful companies across the country. Learn all about how the TrackIQ has resulted in increased business volume, reduced labor costs and all-around improved efficiency in our latest case study video.

Discover the TRACKIQ Sorting Conveyor™

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