5 Ways Eaglestone Equipment Cleans Up the Competition on Food Grade Conveyor System Sanitization

It’s hard to find the ideal Food Grade Conveyer System—and getting stuck with one that isn’t right for you and your business can be costly. In fact, it can put your brand’s reputation on the line if the system doesn’t perform the way you need it to. Eaglestone Equipment’s unmatched capabilities offer real solutions to provide you with the quality, cleanliness, and efficiency you’ve been looking for in a conveyor system.

In 2011, President Obama enacted the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) to prioritize food contamination prevention, rather than response. Mandates and regulations continue to change, and the expectation to prevent any food contamination puts a heavier responsibility on food manufacturers. Additionally, since 2019, consumers have become more interested in understanding where their food comes from. What was once a trend is shifting into a demand for accurate food traceability.1

Here’s how Eaglestone Equipment eliminates harborage points and helps you meet today’s strict hygienic requirements, saving you time and money.

  1. Side Guides
  2. Safety is key, especially when employees operate and clean these systems. Our patent-pending flip style side guides are designed with covered frame edges and a lap belt to protect employees and products during production. This design also minimizes damage from contact with frame sides—and stops you from getting sidelined by the competition.

  3. Wear Strips
  4. Seams can create a hidden spots for bacteria to grow. These spots are not only difficult to clean out properly, but they are challenging to notice in the first place. Eaglestone’s extruded I-beam dual sided wear strips are functionally designed to prevent hidden seams, to keep your belt bacteria-free and seamlessly clean.

  5. Frame Sides
  6. Our frame sides contain optimal edges at 70 degrees, reducing the number of hard-to-clean areas due to sharp sheet metal edges. Let’s frame it this way: 90-degree angles make crevices which are hard to sanitize effectively.

  7. Rollers
  8. Many of our competitors offer rollers with hidden areas, creating additional spots for bacteria to grow. Eaglestone only uses a solid UHMW return roller, which is designed specifically for us—and produces minimal contact with the product side of belt, allowing your production to keep on rolling.

  9. Belt Lifters
  10. These hand-levered mechanisms bring up the conveyor belt during sanitation, meaning you can really wash it well. Continue to raise the bar with the addition of Eaglestone’s bar lifters.

When your food is on the line, so is your reputation. With cleanability as one of the highest priorities for food processors, Eaglestone Equipment gives bacteria no chance. We offer a variety of conveyor solutions for the food production industry. We specialize in customizing quality conveyors for our customers, providing options for sanitation, performance, and durability—so you sweep the competition away.

If you’d like to discuss what customizable Food Grade Conveyor System might be right for your sanitation needs, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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