4 Ways TrackIQ Sorting Conveyor™ Streamlines Operations For Telecom, Logistics and Food Industries

Companies can improve the efficiency and accuracy of their operations by employing the Eaglestone TrackIQ Sorting Conveyor™ System. TrackIQ offers manufacturers in the telecom, logistics, and food industries a way to ensure the quality and reliability of their services are superior to that of their competitors. 

The TrackIQ also guarantees customer satisfaction, and brings many advantages to a production or process line, including increased accuracy, capacity, and speed. Not to mention, the TrackIQ is very cost-effective, saving your company money on labor costs while keeping operating costs and maintenance minimal.

Eaglestone is a BEMA MemberThe Eaglestone TrackIQ conveyor system™ offers an unrivaled level of efficiency. Its efficient process eliminates the need to sort or load boxes by hand and automatically sorts products by color, size, weight, or bar code. 

Learn more about four ways the TrackIQ Sorting Conveyor™, by Eaglestone Equipment, a BEMA member, streamlines operations for the telecom, logistics, and food industries:


1) Exceptional Accuracy

Accuracy is perhaps the most critical factor for many manufacturers to consider. Not only must sorting conveyors operate quickly, but they must also be accurate to ensure your clients are satisfied.

The TrackIQ Sorting Conveyor™ virtually eliminates human error from the equation and removes concerns regarding accurate sorting. Additionally, with increased accuracy, operations can be held to a higher standard, increasing customer satisfaction and the visibility of your organization.


2) Faster Processing 

Sorting products and loading boxes by hand is not only tedious but can also be incredibly time-consuming. The TrackIQ Sorting Conveyor™ eliminates the manual process and will quickly sort through whatever product you decide. 

With the TrackIQ, you no longer have to worry about wasting valuable labor sorting products and loading boxes by hand. You can also forget about the need for outsourcing projects that could be kept in-house. The TrackIQ Sorting Conveyor™ gets the job done quickly and efficiently, while cutting labor costs and your company’s sorting footprint. 


3) Customizable Design

If you have something unique in mind, we can always help with that. Like most Eaglestone equipment, the TrackIQ can be custom-built to your exact preferences.

We can design a TrackIQ Sorting Conveyor™ to fit your unique facility and any pre-existing lines. Our experienced engineers know exactly what it takes to get your plant humming. Whatever variable or variables you choose to sort for, we can help you increase productivity.


4) Jaw-Dropping ROI

The TrackIQ offers unbeatable operational ROI that is too good to pass up. It’s the kind of investment that will pay off for years to come. With the TrackIQ, there is no need for expensive robotics or dipping into your bottom line to hire extra workers. You can also forget about costly mistakes made from simple human error.

The operating costs and maintenance are also relatively minimal for the TrackIQ. You’ll be able to do more in less time—while using fewer resources.

If you’d like to discuss what a TrackIQ Sorting Conveyor™ can do for your business, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’ll spare you the high-pressure sales tactics. If you want to read more about its capabilities first or run through the technical specs, click here for all the details.

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