What’s Moving You – Carlos Villa

GP8A0101Carlos Villa has been with Eaglestone for 13 years and has gained experience in almost every department in the shop, including grinding and painting to assembly and water jet operator. He also currently works in quality control, and approves every conveyor before it leaves the facility.

Whenever Carlos has downtime from all of the activity in the shop, he spends time relaxing by a river, fishing. It wasn’t always his hobby though. If you had asked him six years ago, he would have said that fishing was boring. His friends, who are avid fishers, finally convinced him to go. From the start, Carlos had luck on his side, and caught a 15-inch bass on his first outing. He’s been hooked ever since.

Whether it’s a weekend trip or just a few hours in the morning, Carlos enjoys checking out the local waterways, especially IMG_3840the Illinois River. Like all fishermen, he’s always looking for the next big catch, although it will be hard to compete with his biggest yet: a 30-inch bass. He also knows how to prepare and cook the fish, thanks to his friends, and enjoys making a nice meal from a large catch.

Carlos has extended his love of fishing to his family as well. He’ll take his wife and two kids on camping trips out in the west suburbs, where they can experience all that nature has to offer. “It’s a great opportunity to spend time with my family and teach my kids how to fish—and they’re getting good at it too!”

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