Optiplex Nexus 3015: Laser Fast, Laser Focused

GP8A9820_croppedWe’ve all been taught that slow and steady wins the race. Yes, it’s important to be considerate and methodical in any process. Sometimes, however, a project demands a quick turnaround. When you’re faced with a small window of time and an even smaller margin for error, how can you steer clear of both? At Eaglestone, we’re frequently faced with high demands on both sides of the equation. We’ve recently introduced a new step into our manufacturing process that aims to save time for our clients and ourselves.

Using the Optiplex Nexus 3015 CO2 laser-cutting system, we are committed to continuously improving our fabrication capabilities and maximizing our productivity. We’re able to profile cut material at speeds up 2362 inches per minute, capable of tolerances ±0.002” and repeatability of ±0.001”. The Optiplex allows for a faster production process, and ultimately, a quicker turnaround for our clients.

GP8A9830_croppedWith the help of the Optiplex, we’re able to distill our production process down to the bare essentials. The system uses intelligent set-up and monitoring functions to reduce operator dependency considerably. The accuracy of the machine also removes human error from the process, shaving even more time off production.



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