What’s Moving You: Tammy Jones

Tammy Jones is no stranger to wearing different hats—both in and out of the office.

Tammy Jones 16.05.57Tammy has been the Office Manager of Eaglestone for more than 11 years. It’s a job that requires her to constantly embed herself in the unfamiliar and new. It can be daunting, overseeing many aspects of the office, but it comes naturally to Tammy. She’s an affable person, and greets new opportunities head-on.

Her gregarious nature helped her explore a wide variety of roles in customer service before landing at Eaglestone. Though she’s no longer working in customer service, she still possesses the same approachable qualities that allow her to engage with people and problems on a personal level. Tammy relishes talking to people and getting to know them, making anyone feel at home.

When Tammy isn’t busy keeping the office running, she can be found keeping time on the dance floor. She loves dancing to Motown, jazz, and swing music. Already a team player in most regards, Tammy loves to dance because of the chemistry it builds. “Through dancing, you can really connect with your partner,” she said. She picked up swing dancing during her time in the bar industry, and she has also dabbled in salsa.

Tammy is never content with settling into her comfort zone, which is why she’s always trying something new. Recently, she’s branched out into home improvement. After adding a big screen TV, pool table, foosball table and bar to her basement, she’s now putting the finishing touches on her kitchen.

It’s the excitement of trying new things and immersing herself in everything she does that keeps Tammy happy. That unwavering zest for life is what makes Tammy Jones such a valuable component of Eaglestone Equipment.

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