What’s Moving You – Mike Amato

4_rotatedMike Amato and some of his Eaglestone teammates spend their lunch hour tearing up the pavement—well, a small amount of pavement—racing RC cars. Mike has always loved building and racing RC cars and was thrilled to know that others shared in his interest.

When he was little, Mike’s dad bought him his first RC car. After working on his small electric car, he started helping his dad work on actual cars. This love for mechanics continued on into high school, where he and his friends would work on classic cars together, motor swapping and helping each other find parts.

truckAlthough Mike isn’t working at a body shop today, he still enjoys working on RC cars in his spare time. Most recently, he worked on an old 50’s truck, repainting it to look like it had a wooden back. “It took a long time to get every detail just right, and I was so proud of it that I haven’t wanted to race it and mess up the paint.” Aside from this display piece, Mike has other cars that he doesn’t mind messing up in races and “romping around in dirt piles with.”

Since his classic truck is complete, Mike’s next project will be working on an RC Dodge RAM 2011 in white to match his new life-size purchase. Aside from that, he also plans on sharing his hobby with his daughter, Aria, when she gets older. “I’ll help her paint any car she likes—even a pink Hummer if she wants it!”

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