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What’s Moving You: Ashly Villanueva

Ashly Villanueva is Eaglestone’s Administrative Coordinator. But she does far more than her job title implies. Since starting with Eaglestone in August 2011, she’s been involved in accounting, purchasing, payroll, safety, human resources and general office work, lending a hand in any task. With all of the projects that pass through Eaglestone’s doors, you can […]

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Top Trends in Sanitary Conveyors: Part 2 of 2 – Design

Food processors are extremely demanding – and with good reason. Every consumer who uses products from their operations depends on the sanitary handling of food items during the entire preparation process. In our last article, we discussed fabrication methods that deny bacteria places to hide and allow the best possible result from sanitary wash-downs. Let’s […]

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Detection Perfection: Implementing Metal Detection in Conveyor Lines

If your products must adhere to a certain standard, you can’t afford mistakes. It’s crucial that everything coming off of your line is exactly what the client expects. If something doesn’t meet exact specifications, it’ll hurt your workflow, profits, and—most importantly—your reputation. You need a system that can not only detect subpar items, but also […]

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