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Chris Barrett 16.04.46

What’s Moving You: Chris Barrett

As a Design Engineer, Chris Barrett spends his working hours devising solutions to technical problems that would leave others scratching their heads. Chris has spent four years at Eaglestone, demonstrating a complete understanding of the role each tiny piece plays in the bigger picture, and also visualizing how new technology can best be implemented in […]

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Optiplex Nexus 3015: Laser Fast, Laser Focused

We’ve all been taught that slow and steady wins the race. Yes, it’s important to be considerate and methodical in any process. Sometimes, however, a project demands a quick turnaround. When you’re faced with a small window of time and an even smaller margin for error, how can you steer clear of both? At Eaglestone, […]

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Quick-Clean Conveyor Video

Sanitation is at its peak in the brand new Quick-Clean Conveyor from Eaglestone. Designed with tool-less flip out guide rails, transition hold downs and belt lifters for easy cleaning, this conveyor is one of the most sanitary and easy to clean conveyors in the industry. Available with integral CIP spray bars at the head and […]

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