The TrackIQ Sorting Conveyor™. Ready for business.

TackIQ Sorting Conveyor

What does it take to get a room full of Eaglestone engineers excited? Try the launch of a mind-blowing new piece of equipment like the TrackIQ Sorting Conveyor™. It could be our smartest and best innovation yet.

We designed the TrackIQ at the request of several smaller and mid-size clients. They wanted access to the type of high-end automated sorting capabilities usually only reserved for much bigger operations. They just needed a more affordable price tag. It took plenty of long nights in development but we delivered. And you can bet our customers are just as excited as we are.

It’s pretty amazing stuff. Requiring only a single operator, the TrackIQ sorts by color, size, weight or bar code. Whatever the item, whatever the shape—it’s got you covered. That fact alone should open up a world of possibilities. It lets you do more and outsource less.

Implementation is relatively simple. We can build you a standalone system or make it a seamless addition to any existing lines you may have. The build is completely modular so it can grow as you grow.

Early reports from the field are glowing. Operations lucky enough to already have their hands on a TrackIQ Sorting Conveyor™ tell us it’s done wonders for their overall efficiency. They’re working faster. Their sorting accuracy has improved dramatically. They’re saving a ton on labor costs. By all accounts, it sounds like mission accomplished.

Now that the TrackIQ is available to the general market, count on it being in high demand. The operational ROI is just too good to pass up. Besides, who’s going to miss slowly sorting and loading boxes by hand? Not many.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to discuss what a TrackIQ Sorting Conveyor™ can do for your business. We’ll spare you the high-pressure sales tactics. If you want to read more about its capabilities first or run through the technical specs, click here for all the details.

If you have something unique in mind, no problem. We can always help with that. Like most Eaglestone equipment, the TrackIQ can be custom built to your exact preferences.

So, grab a cup of joe and check it out. We think you’ll see why our team is so fired up. As Lead Engineer Chris Barrett puts it, “Taking a raw idea and creating something that improves how people do business is why I get up every morning.” You said it all, Chris.


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