Conveyor Classroom: Original Replacement Parts

Don’t get us wrong. We build great conveyors and food production equipment at Eaglestone. But eventually, some parts just plain wear out due to hard usage over time (think tires on your car). Bearings, motors, belts and gear boxes are common culprits as well. Others can be found in the conveyor manual that came with your Eaglestone system. These parts are actually consumables with a predictable lifespan, and they should be budgeted for accordingly. We make this easy for you by including a pricing guide in your manual. It also has a handy index of replacement intervals.

Bottom line: Regular replacement of worn parts makes it less likely a line stoppage will occur. Having a spare of each part on hand isn’t a bad idea either, since the old part can be quickly swapped out for a fresh one in no time.

Come to the Right Source
Where should your replacement parts come from? How about right where you bought your equipment? You may not know this, but at Eaglestone, we carry a complete line of replacement parts (both machined and OEM) for all of our custom systems. Our original replacement parts fit your Eaglestone system like they were made for it. That’s no coincidence.

Original replacement parts may sound like an oxymoron, but in essence, each is a brand new part manufactured to the original specifications developed specifically for the model on your shop floor. We keep the design plans for each component that goes into the equipment in our database. For replacement parts, we pull the specs from the equipment we delivered and download them right to the shop floor for machining.

It’s the same part used to build your machine, but it’s brand spankin’ new. That’s what we mean by “original replacement part.”

Accept No Substitutes
A job shop might be able to reproduce our original part. But these are reversed engineered and tolerances can be iffy. The last thing you want to deal with when your line is down is a replacement part that doesn’t fit and has to be sent back to the vendor for reworking. That’s wasted time and wasted money. Plus, if that shop didn’t get it right the first time, chances are they will be guessing on how to make their mulligan any better.

Our machined parts are made right here in the United States for the fastest possible delivery. We also keep a stockpile of OEM parts on hand for fast turnaround. These can be delivered the same day you request them. [And since we buy components in volume from our vendors, the price is often better.]

All the information you need is right there in your conveyor manual. Did your manual get lost or filed “somewhere safe?” No problem. Just call or email Ashly Villanueva at 630-587-1115 or She has all the information on hand and will put you on back on schedule. She can also take your replacement part order right on the spot.

Now you’re in the know. When it’s time for replacement parts, don’t settle for anywhere else. Go with the original.

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