Eaglestone TrackIQ Sorting Conveyor™

Stone. Cold. Efficiency.

You don’t need to be one of the big boys to run the industry’s best sorting equipment. If your operation relies on accuracy and efficiency, get to know the Eaglestone TrackIQ Sorting Conveyor™.

With a single operator, the TrackIQ automatically sorts by color, size, weight or bar code. And we’re not just talking about boxes. We mean any item, any shape, however you want it.

It’s the kind of investment that could pay off for years and years. No more valuable labor wasted sorting product and loading boxes by hand. No more outsourcing projects you could keep in house. No more costly mistakes down to simple human error.

We can design a TrackIQ Sorting Conveyor™ to fit your unique facility and any pre-existing lines. Our experienced engineers know exactly what it takes to get your plant humming.

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TrackIQ Sorting Conveyor™: At a glance

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Exceptional Accuracy
Faster Processing
Zero Wasted Labor
Forward-Thinking Modular Design
Custom Built in the USA
Jaw-Dropping ROI

How it works

As items come down the conveyor, Eyesafe® infrared scanners identify them with eagle-eyed precision. The items then continue past a series of adjustable-speed oscillating arms, which push them into a designated box or send them on their way. Bright LEDs light up when a container is ready for packing. It’s so simple the whole thing takes just one operator.

Seeing is believing

Check out the TrackIQ Conveyor System in real world action.


See The Difference

Watch the Eaglestone TrackIQ Sorting Conveyor™ in action as it quickly sorts through different containers using the Eyesafe® infrared scanners. The 70-foot long sorter features pneumatic sorting arms with adjustable speed and can sort when previous containers are full and indicate when a container is full or nearly full. Only one operator is needed, reducing sorting time and workforce requirements.

One of Our Success Stories

Eaglestone spoke with Jason Kutz, Senior Engineering Manager of Assurant, a global provider of risk management products and services. Assurant used a manual and labor-intensive sorting process before deciding they needed to make a change to increase production and streamline their operations. Since employing the Eaglestone TrackIQ Sorting Conveyor™, Assurant has increased productivity while cutting the company’s sort footprint by 80-90%.

What it means for you


Mistakes on the floor will eat a company alive, and the TrackIQ Sorting Conveyor™ virtually eliminates human error from the equation. You’ll sleep better at night knowing that you’re sorting with complete accuracy and ultimate efficiency.

Cost savings

Forget expensive robotics or dipping into your bottom line to hire extra workers. The TrackIQ offers unbeatable ROI. In fact, operating costs and maintenance are relatively minimal. You’ll be able do more in less time—while using fewer resources.


The TrackIQ Sorting Conveyor™ is modular and designed to grow with you, so you can start small and extend the system as business requires. Whatever variable or variables you choose to sort for, we can help you increase productivity.

Making it yours

We don’t do one size-fits-all around here. Count on a custom solution designed to optimize your space and meet your requirements in every way. High volume? Low volume? No problem. Smartphones, auto parts, baked goods—whatever it is, we’ll create the ideal system. Our engineering team is highly experienced, easy to work with, and happy to take you through all the ins and outs.

Build it your way with these custom options:

  • Blast gate
  • Diverting chute
  • Full welding
  • Push off
  • Retracting end
  • Side guides
  • Stainless steel casters
  • Stainless steel motor and reducer


Need something special? Just say the word and we’ll make it happen.

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American craftsmanship. Service to match.

With Eaglestone, you get more than a sortation system built to suit your needs. You get a company of dedicated pros that stand by their equipment. We’re here to keep you running whenever you need us. Take a moment to learn more or drop us a line with any questions.

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