How Can Eaglestone Improve My Business Operations

Eaglestone Equipment can help you improve your business operations in various ways. From increasing the efficiency of your conveying equipment to optimizing your facility’s space, we have thirty years of experience in the industry that can provide your production and processes with the support you need for success. Take advantage of the following areas of expertise when you partner with Eaglestone:

1. Proven Integration and Innovation Experience

We have extensive application support and unmatched integration expertise to make the most of your facility. Our on-site team uses 3D Laser Technology to place your new equipment in the ideal spot, maximizing production and efficiency.

In addition, with complementary services and products, you’ll have the tools and support to ensure optimal production—guaranteed. If you need it, we have it. Check out the following value-adding capabilities we can offer your business:

  • Extra equipment on-hand
  • Reliable maintenance when you need it
  • Production products
  • Key parts and so much more

Discover more by checking out our blog on service and innovation here.

2. Seamless Sanitation Solutions

Keeping your facility free of lingering bacteria is no small feat. But with the right equipment and support available, you can meet today’s strict hygienic requirements with ease. Eaglestone delivers food grade conveyor systems that make a significant difference in cleanability during and after production, to minimize the risk of contamination.

Our quality solutions include:

  • Patent-pending side guides to prevent damage to the frame sides and to protect employees
  • Extruded l-beam dual sided wear strips that prevent hidden seams
  • Frame sides with ideal edges to reduce bacteria growth in unreachable spots
  • A UHMW return roller to prevent contact with the product side of the belt
  • Hand-levered belt lifters to optimize the washing process  
  • Other customizable food grade conveyor systems

3. Safety in Integrated Systems

Safety goes hand-in-hand with quality sanitation systems. Whether you process meat, poultry or vegetables, having a dependable metal detector should be at the top of your list. This may require updating specific conveyor segments for optimal integration, as certain parts of the conveyor may disrupt the detector from doing its job.

Not only can a well-engineered and integrated metal detector prevent dangerous fragments from reaching store shelves, this system also allows your product to flow smoothly—so you don’t have to worry about possible contamination. With Eaglestone’s integration expertise, we can provide feasible quality assurance recommendations—including custom configurations—while working directly with the manufacturer to get the specs and drawings just right, ensuring your systems reach their full potential.

Finding custom solutions for your space that align with your goals and needs is our specialty. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your facility or integrate new equipment with your existing lineup, Eaglestone’s integration experts can help you determine and implement the systems for increased quality and efficiency throughout your plant. Interested in how Eaglestone can help improve your business operations? Please contact us today to learn more.

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