Say Hello to the 4000 Series Chicane Conveyor System

Chicane Conveyor System

The 4000 Series Chicane Conveyor System is a notable segment of the Eaglestone lineup of packaging conveyors, and it’s perfect for bringing order to sometimes chaotic mass flow production. Whether products have been grouped together deliberately or as an unintended result of other parts of your process, this system quickly organizes products into neat rows with the proper spacing to feed your packaging equipment.

How The Chicane Conveyor System Works

The 4000 Series Chicane Conveyor system is comprised of several conveyors that work together at variable speeds to move products into your desired formation. Incrementally accelerating and diverting conveyors keep items moving in a steady and properly aligned stream as they move down the line. These main line transfer conveyors have manually or pneumatically adjustable chicaning conveyors overhead that can be positioned at angles that help align the products to be fed into single or multiple packaging lines. All of these parts work together to create a seamless process that keeps each item exactly where it needs to be every step of the way.


With this system customization is a breeze, making it ideal for the for bakery and confectionary industries, or for processing a variety of packaged products. It can be combined with a range of other conveyor systems to fit your facilities’ specific needs. Contact us to see how the 4000 Series Chicane Conveyor system could improve you’re the processes at your facility.

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