Wear Strips: Reduce Friction That Can Fray Conveyor Belts

Without conveyor belts, your products are going nowhere. But the same constant movement that keeps your goods in motion takes a toll on the belt material as it rubs against rollers and the table bed. The weight of the product creates downward pressure, increasing the amount of contact. When surfaces move against each other, the friction between them converts kinetic energy into thermal energy. This can have dramatic consequences. Without some type of protection, belts can wear, fray or split, leaving you with replacement costs and lost production time. That’s where wear strips come in.

Black mold shown growing beneath competitor wear strip, where fastener and beam connect.

Shield and Protect
As their name would indicate, wear strips act as a barrier between the conveyor belt and any rough edges it may come in contact with. In addition, they act like a dry lubricant, letting the belt move smoothly across surface areas. Without going into the math, the lower the coefficient of friction between two objects, the better. Less friction equals less drag. This means the belt runs smoother and faster, which is great for moving products down the line.

Wear Strip Options
Unless they are made properly, the same friction that can damage the belt can erode the surface of the wear strip. If you’ve used an off-the-shelf model before, you know you have to keep a large supply on hand as replacements. Switching out the wear strips just means more downtime on the line. Some of the products out there also are held on with metal clips, which can become exposed and cause even more damage to the belt. Units on the market are usually saw cut, which creates a rough edge that can collect contaminants. In addition, the area under the coverings can also act as a prime breeding ground for bacteria.

Eaglestone UHMW I-beam shaped wear strip snaps into place. Easy to clean, nowhere for bacteria to grow.

The Eaglestone Difference
Our specially designed wear strips are constructed as one-piece units out of ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWP). Shaped like an I-beam, they have no hidden seams, no clips and are very easy to clean. The UHMWP surface is wear-resistant for high longevity, so time between replacements is much longer than other styles. In fact, because of the symmetrical design, if a unit becomes worn, it can be flipped over to expose a brand new contact surface. That doubles its lifespan until a new part is required. Our wear strips are extruded in one piece, not cut. This process creates a smooth, almost glass-like surface for thorough sanitation and no place for bacteria to breed. And since they snap into place, there are no clips to dig into the belt and cause premature wear.

Smooth, Strong, Simple
Life can be a drag sometimes, and we all can get a little frayed around the edges. With our wear strips, at least you can reduce friction on your food processing line and keep conveyor belts running smoothly for longer.

Any questions further questions on wear strips or other Eaglestone special designs, please contact us.

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