Fighting Contamination Beyond the Production Line

According to a joint study by the Food Marketing Institute and the Grocery Manufacturers Association, the average financial impact of a recall is $10 million in direct costs to the food manufacturer, plus damage to the brand and lost sales. That is why you would never think of using conveyors and other food processing equipment that is not capable of being thoroughly sanitized. But what about the contaminates that workers can bring onto the floor from changing rooms, in their tool boxes and even on their laptops?

To complete the job that equipment washdowns only begin, we offer a full range of sanitation solutions for your entire production environment.

Mobile Workstations
Taking your laptop into a clean room isn’t a great idea, but sometimes it needs to be done. Built with the same durability as our conveyors, our Mobile Workstations feature stainless steel construction with an integrated keyboard and touch pad. They are easy to clean, making them ideal for the food processing and packaging industry. Plus, your computer is protected from dirt, cleaning solutions and other foreign matter by gaskets strategically located throughout the design. Like our other quality equipment, our Mobile Workstations are completely customizable to fit your production needs.

While manufacturers focus on keeping their main processing area clean, they often forget that locker rooms need the same attention to detail. Industries such as food processing that use general-purpose lockers can come across problems with chipped paint, rust, and general cleanliness issues. To resolve this problem, we’ve developed CleanLockersTM. A ventilated design allows water to flow in and out of doorways and frames easily for quick wash down. Made of galvanized steel, our lockers are durable enough to endure thousands of high-pressure washes and stay strong for years to come.

Tanks & Hoppers
Whether you need to a vessel to keep icing at controlled temperatures or containers for marinating raw meat, our holding tanks will keep your products at the perfect temperature with a jacketed option for consistent production. Our hoppers are custom designed and can be made as big or as small as needed to feed your product onto a belt. Polished for the highest grade of cleanliness, we also offer many other options such as a clean-in-place (CIP) feature for self-cleaning without hassle.

Processing Supplies
We understand the necessity for any number of additional workplace supplies and equipment to enable efficient and safe handling of repairs, upkeep and general operation of your manufacturing space. Here’s just a few examples of products we can provide:

-Perforated tool boxes for easy cleaning
-Sanitary Clothing
-Mezzanines and Cat Walks
-Access Ladders and Stairways
-Custom racks
-USDA Garbage Cans
-Hair Net Holders
-Production Floor Tables
-And More

Your Sanitation Source
When it comes to food safety, half measures are just not good enough. Addressing sanitation issues outside the production perimeter will give you confidence that your production line is moving forward safely. For more information contact us.

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