Metal Detector Conveyor

Metal DetectorMetal detection for food and packaging production is essential in maintaining the highest quality control. Eaglestone’s metal detector conveyor systems integrate seamlessly with existing lines and can be fitted with your choice of belt, including modular plastic or fabric belts for the sanitary production of raw products.

Eaglestone Equipment is proud to offer custom made, conveyor systems with integrated metal detection with many industry leading features including:

  • Ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless metal detection
  • Easy wash down drive, minimizing down time for sanitation concerns
  • Eaglestone’s Unique UHMW slider bed, providing reduction in belt wear and frequency of slider repair
  • Custom options of goods rejection including belt stops, pneumatic retracting belt, pushing systems, and alarms
  • Many safety features unique to the industry, including non-enclosed bolts, easy clean rollers and more
  • All conveyors manufactured to the highest standard, including UL, BISCC, FDA, and USDA

Eaglestone Equipment provides a full and custom range of metal detectors with varied sensitivities and detection to handle any food processing and packaging need. Our team of engineers and designers will help you decide what system is right for you, right down to designing into your current line.