Industrial Catwalks: Eaglestone Crosses the Line

Whether you call it a catwalk, walkover, elevated walkway or crossover, these structures literally bridge the gap from one side of a production line to the other. Raised walkways allow pedestrian traffic to avoid time-consuming detours or the temptation to take unsafe shortcuts. They add value by enabling workers to safely and swiftly get where they need to be to keep the production line running efficiently. In many cases walkovers are required for compliance with government egress standards for evacuation planning.

Sanitation Considerations
In food processing operations, special care must be taken in the design and fabrication of walkover assemblies so that they not only keep workers safe, but production areas clean. Our walkovers are designed to contain contaminants from the moment a person enters the processing area to the time they leave. All components are completely sealed with catch pans below the steps and high side walls to contain debris and keep contaminants from falling onto equipment below. Each handrail is a fully formed stainless steel tube and is bolted on with a standoff for easy cleaning and an ergonomic grip.

A Design to Fit Every Need
Since every production line is unique, we offer a variety of designs, allowing the ideal selection for each application. Choose from materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, fiberglass reinforced plastic and painted steel to meet your requirements. For example, sealed aluminum diamond plate decks are available for platforms above production lines, or open-grated decks with a polymer finish can be used for easy cleaning and ventilation. For wet applications, we use GRIP STRUTâ„¢ plank grating with a special non-slip serrated edge surface.

Configurations can include simples steps up and steps down, steps up and ladder down or ladder up and steps down, etc. Steps can be angled to maximize floor space. If you have a unique situation, we can also custom build to fit.

If you would like more information about how our walkovers will help you maintain your record for food product safety, please contact us.

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