Delivering Decorative and Practical Metal Fabrications Beyond Your Imagination

While widely known for our work with conveyors in the food industry, the engineers and shop professionals of Eaglestone manufacture a wide variety of machinery and decorative fabrications for many other applications. We pride ourselves in the ability to showcase the depth of our creativity and ingenuity when providing solutions for each and every challenge our customers bring to our door.

Microbrewery Signage Dazzles

Before Skeleton Key Brewery, a new microbrewery and community hub for craft beer enthusiasts, opened its doors for business in Woodridge, Illinois, they wanted signage in the main seating area that matched the décor, but also set the stage for the business’ style and class. A carpenter working on the tap house’s interior knew one of our fabricators here at Eaglestone and suggested they contact us. Skeleton Key ultimately worked with Lead Engineer, Chris Barrett, needing a narrow four to five week turnaround.

skeleton-key-3Chris, a craft beer enthusiast himself, jumped into the project, working from an Adobe file from the customer, which consisted of a simple stencil of the company’s name. For a much bigger impact, Chris suggested stainless steel letters on a matte black backdrop. The client loved the idea, so our shop went to work based on Chris’s 3D renderings. When the letters would not stick to the background to his satisfaction, Chris went the extra mile and welded them on, ultimately providing a more solid, longer lasting piece. The final result: a 4’ x 8’ eye-catching design – perfectly executed and firmly attached to the walls when the doors opened for the first time this past September.

Jet Engine Maintenance Stands

The Hawker 800XP is one of the most successful private jets that British Aerospace has ever made. It can fly non-stop from L.A. to New York, Chicago to San Juan, or Madrid to Moscow. Its Honeywell TFE731-5BR turbofan jet engines power the plane at over 515 mph, generating 3,500 pounds of thrust. But what happens when one of these 895 pound giants need an overhaul?

received_10208204727573950Mach 1 Aircraft Maintenance of Wheeling, IL wanted a steady supply of engine stands for the frequent maintenance checks required on modern aircraft, specifically the TFE731-5BR. An engine stand is a metal frame that holds a jet engine when it is off the aircraft. Since these engines require a major periodic inspection every 2,000 hours of flight time, this is vital. Mach 1 contacted us and asked if we had the expertise to build a stand that could hold up to 900 lbs. They couldn’t provide blueprints or drawings – all they could offer was an example. Eaglestone engineers went to work and reverse-engineered the existing stand, drawing up plans and a manufacturing process that would meet the specs required to hold the giant engines in place as the mechanics perform both routine and unscheduled maintenance. In fact, wherever the planes land around the globe, mechanics can work on its engines since the stands were designed to be folded down and carried with the jet, a true testament to Eaglestone’s engineering expertise.

Conveyors Are Only the Beginning

With years of experience and a knack for improvisation and creativity, Eaglestone’s management team, engineers and shop professionals have the capability to deliver metal fabrications that are only limited by your imagination. Conveyors for the food service industry are only one aspect of its highly flexible operations. From signage for microbreweries and churches to decorative hand railings for apartment buildings – if it has anything to do with metal fabrication, Eaglestone can make it a reality.

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