Custom Fabrication: Taking Concepts to Reality

Eaglestone-CAD-small2CROPPEDSometimes, your idea exists only on the back of a cocktail napkin. Other times, it’s a fully rendered CAD drawing. Whatever stage it’s at, Eaglestone’s skilled engineers and craftsmen can bring it from a sketch to a finished part in your hands.

For example, a major hotel chain came to us with the need for a monitor stand that was strong, portable and easy to assemble. Nothing on the market matched its needs. Not only did we design and build a prototype that fit all the specifications, the hotel chain standardized the design throughout the enterprise and now it is a regular production model manufactured exclusively in our shop.

GP8A8509 2This is not an isolated case. When we opened our doors over 25 years ago, some of our first customers were from the food service industry. Our high attention to detail built us a reputation not only for quality and integrity, but for a high level of ingenuity when solving any manufacturing challenge they brought through the door. We continue to help many of these same customers grow their business two decades later.

We are able to achieve these results and maintain high standards of quality thanks to our craftsmen with the highest level of skills in:

GP8A8541 2-Design


-Sheet metal work



-Laser cutting

GP8A9830_cropped-Water jet cutting



Can we do something similar for you? Yes, we can. Our custom fabrication shop can handle any project from idea to paint and polish. All you need to bring to us is that napkin sketch, and together, we’ll make it a reality. Contact us to get started.

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