Detection Perfection: Implementing Metal Detection in Conveyor Lines

DSCN0341If your products must adhere to a certain standard, you can’t afford mistakes. It’s crucial that everything coming off of your line is exactly what the client expects. If something doesn’t meet exact specifications, it’ll hurt your workflow, profits, and—most importantly—your reputation. You need a system that can not only detect subpar items, but also quickly reject them and remove them from circulation. We at Eaglestone have partnered with numerous producers of metal detectors to create lines that consistently follow desired standards. We understand how detector heads work, and how our conveyor lines can best amplify the effectiveness of these detectors.

Metal detection is crucial in the production of many products. Obviously, the food service industry is no exception. The USDA is quick to flag any food containing even trace amounts of metallic material. It’s imperative that conveyor lines transporting food-based products have an efficient system for the detection and disposal of products containing metal. We’ve developed and installed numerous reject mechanisms, including belt stops, air blasts, pneumatic pushers, plows and retracting nose bars.

Copy of METAL DETECTOR CONVEYOROur knowledge also extends to areas of expertise that might not even be apparent to the client. Many belts use metallic colorants or anti-static filaments that may trigger a detector. We’re able to advise clients to use lines that steer clear of these problematic materials. Instead, we can offer lines that use urethane, solid urethane, molded plastic or fabric-based alternatives. Even if they don’t know exactly what they need, we’ll help guide our clients towards the right belt for their application.

We’ve been able to perfect the integration of metal detector systems into our conveyor designs by working with some of the biggest names in the detection industry throughout the years. You name it, we’ve worked with them—Loma, Safeline, Eriez Magnetic, Fortress, Varpe, Sesotec, Ceia and many more.

Regardless of the restrictions you’re forced to contend with, we’ll work closely with you to develop the best possible solution. Learn more about our metal detector conveyors, or if you’re interested in how we can develop a conveyor line that meets your standards, give us a call at 630-587-1115.

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