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Top Trends in Sanitary Conveyors: Part 1 of 2 – Fabrication

In their quest to continuously improve sanitary production “best practices”, food processors are turning to conveyors and equipment engineered to allow for fast, yet comprehensive, visual inspections and efficient sanitation wash-downs. To this end, conveyors and equipment hygienically designed with an open architecture, no flat horizontal surfaces, and devoid of bacteria-harboring hollow areas continue to […]

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What’s Moving You – Mike Amato

Mike Amato and some of his Eaglestone teammates spend their lunch hour tearing up the pavement—well, a small amount of pavement—racing RC cars. Mike has always loved building and racing RC cars and was thrilled to know that others shared in his interest. When he was little, Mike’s dad bought him his first RC car. […]

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Bread Transfer Conveyor Video

For easy sanitation in a compact footprint, Eaglestone’s Bread Transfer Conveyor features a positively, sprocket-driven plastic modular belt with integrated tight transfers and side-by-side conveyors for tighter turns. Angled edges and “stood-off” bearings make for easier sanitation during wipe down or wash down. Check out the video showcasing this completely customizable line.

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