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Choosing the Right Conveyor Belt: Baking Applications

Due to changes in industry standards and procedures, sanitation is becoming more critical when choosing the right conveyor belt for baking. Making sure that everything can be easily cleaned, while still maintaining the integrity of the process, is the key to determining what type of belt is needed for your application. There are two main aspects […]

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Troughed Rod Bed Conveyor: Approaching Sanitation from a Different Angle

When transporting loose food products, troughed conveyors are often the best solution. Although they keep food products from falling off the edge or becoming damaged, the traditional solid slider bed design of these conveyors can often be more difficult to clean. Recognizing this inherent problem, the Eaglestone team developed a sanitary, easy-to-clean design to avoid […]

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Meet the Team: Ramón Salazar

Eaglestone is excited to welcome a new member to our team. Ramón Salazar, Sales Engineer, may have just started with us this past month, but he has over 20 years of experience in the conveyor belt industry. Ramón didn’t start out in the conveyor field. Although he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, he had […]

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