Meet the Team: John Blomquist

John Blomquist 16.04.06A team player in the office and on the field, John Blomquist earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Industrial Design at Southern Illinois University – Carbondale before joining the Eaglestone team. As a member of Eaglestone’s dynamic engineering team, John often uses his experience in Product Development to develop innovate new equipment.

When he’s not working on new designs, John enjoys the great outdoors with his family. Whether he’s playing football or waterskiing, he likes to stay active and spend time with those that he loves. His time off the field is spent watching “Breaking Bad” and discussing Walter White’s latest schemes.

John also sports a wacky sense of humor and performs secret stunts like jumping over a dollar bill while holding his toes. His comedic side came from his Grandma Sally, who he admires, saying that she is “one of the greatest people that ever lived…and one of the funniest.”

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