New Video: Curved Incline Conveyor

Eaglestone Equipment’s curved incline conveyors are ideal for packaging lines where products need to change elevations as well as negotiate curves. These conveyors are designed to reduce capital equipment costs while simplifying product transfers.

Our curved incline conveyors transfer products from one elevation to another while rounding a curve ranging from 1° to 180°. This type of product transfer is typically done using two conveyors: an incline conveyor coupled with a curved conveyor. We are able to combine these two operations into a single conveyor, reducing overall packaging line equipment costs.

Additionally, combining these two operations into a single conveyor eliminates a transition point and doesn’t disturb the orientation of the product. As with all other Eaglestone conveyors, the curved incline conveyors are designed for clean and quiet operation in the most demanding production environments.

Curved incline conveyors are available in belt widths from 2-1/4” to 12”, in a range of belt materials including smooth top, friction insert top and stainless steel chain. Full customization of these conveyors is possible with a variety of options including side transfer rollers, live rollers, variable frequency drives (VFD), side guides and PLC integration controls.

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