Eaglestone Internship Program

The future of manufacturing in the USA depends largely on manufacturers being able to hire employees with the right set of skills. A recent study by the Manufacturing Institute and the Deloitte Group finds that the skills gap is widening, both in skilled production jobs (machinists, operators, technicians, etc.) as well as engineering positions. Sadly, our schools are not keeping up in producing graduates that have the skills necessary to meet the rapidly changing nature of manufacturing work.

To do our part in the training the next generation, Eaglestone currently employs three interns. Two of our interns are in our machining and fabrication department. Mark is Eaglestone’s machinist intern, working side by side with our journeymen machinists to learn the trade inside and out. Jake is our high school intern, and is currently learning machining and fabrication from the ground up.

Chris is about to graduate from ITT with an associates of applied science in drafting and design, and is currently interning in our engineering department. Chris states “I’ve been able to apply everything that I learned in the classroom here at Eaglestone. I’ve participated in the entire manufacturing process, from purchasing raw materials and components all the way to installation of new conveyors systems at our customers.”

For more information, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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