Better Production: Shop Floor 3D CAD System

Shop Floor 3D CAD System at EaglestoneAt Eaglestone, we’re dedicated to engineering and building the finest products in the industry. To promote ease of assembly for our conveyors and equipment, we’ve given all of our assembly technicians and engineers access to a shop floor 3D CAD system right in the assembly area.

The system allows our team to digitally access assembly instructions and measurements, as well as view 3D models and see design details. This interactive system delivers a level of depth and detail that a collection of printed drawings simply cannot provide.

“This CAD system helps us to reduce the disconnect between design and final product,” states Carmen Sammauro, President at Eaglestone. “Giving everyone in the assembly phase access to 3D drawings of the product helps them to fully visualize all product details, no matter how small. This not only eliminates assembly errors, but also helps to speed up production time.”

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